Born and raised in Dijon, Trecci is a French DJ, electronic music producer and manager of the labels Naeba Records and Ontake Records.
In 2016, Trecci produced tracks on his own music label Naeba Records (independent French label praising different styles of electronic music) and he has published on international labels such as Soiree Records International, Rennie Foster Label, N.C.M Label Detroit, Serial Records / 96 Musique, UKR Special Series, Nice & Nasty, Deep Gruv Records, Biotech Recordings, Acquit Records (/...) and other Techno labels like Metrohm Records, Brique Rouge, Slates Records, EP Digital Music, Neo Apparatus Records, Sure Cuts Records, Frequency Shift Recordings, Electropical Record, Strictly Techno, LW Recordings, Turran Recording, Technosforza, Rue Des Trois Rois Records (/...). And it has been remixed by, among others, Drivetrain, Thomas Barnett, Rennie Foster, Santonio Echols, Eddie Merced, Mike Todd, Chris Liberator, Southsoniks, Takuya Yamashita, Taho, Nova Nova, G-Prod, Jules Wells, Loloman, City 2 City, Gerwin Van Engelenburg, Keita Sato, Romain Richard, Hiroki Ishikura (/...). He was also in charge of remixing some projects of various artists which reinforces his undeniable passion for the creation of electronic music.


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