John Modena

JOHN MODENA is revealed in 2007 as a DJ/Producer after releasing his hit "FOREVER", remixed by David Vendetta and playlisted by Roger Sanchez, Tiesto, etc. Resident at the OFFSHORE in Strasbourg, he also mixes in the prestigious clubs of Paris (QUEEN, MIX Club) and beyond the borders of the hexagon. His experience and recognition of the public allowed him to subsequently collaborate with Laurent Wolf who asked him to remix the famous "WASH MY WORLD". John does not stop there, he enriches his productions by favoring the creation in studio, while continuing to perform in clubs.

In 2008 he releases "I WANT IT", as well as various remixes, followed by "YES WE CAN" announcing the summer 2009, when his compilation "John Modena in Paradise Ibiza" is also released. To close 2009, John releases "EXCITED", a track supported by many international DJs like Roger Sanchez (USA) and included in the compilation "PACHA Ibiza DJ Selection".

In 2016, John is back with the track "I WANNA TOUCH U", on the prestigious French label Airplay Records/Universal. 2017 John collaborates with Robbie Rivera on Juicy Music & Armada Music with the track "KEEP IT TOGETHER".

In 2017 John signs "GIVE IT TIME" to Serial Records, and follows this up with his new single "STAND BY ME" in 2020. A classic song he's covered with his friends Holocène and Mr Sacha on the vocals.

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