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Born in Orleans in 1980 Nicolas Herald is a French dj producer. During his childhood he built his musical culture by listening to different musical styles (disco – funk – Hip Hop New Wave) He discovered house music at the age of 12 years and is passionate a few years later to the mix. He began his professional DJ career at Tours in 1999 « La boite » then became resident DJ of « Club 57 » a year later.

In 2002 he produced his first maxi 45t on Serial label Record Herald feat Gee – You Know ‘. Paris opens its doors and became resident DJ at the end of 2003. Factory creates evenings FABRIK’DA HOUSE with Gee and participate in many evenings as « THE HOUSE », « SERIAL PARTY », « REFRESH IN » « FLORA ELECTRO », « CULTURE CLUB » …

In 2007, he heads to China including 36 mix Jade Shanghai Shangrila Hotel before becoming one year later resident DJ LAN CLUB BEIJING.

It will organize in collaboration with Yves Godard evenings as « house sexy » with MINISTRY OF SOUND, house history or even disco night story … he will call djs like, « David Guetta », « DJ Murray », « Patrick Haguenaar « , » DJ TOM « Philippe Ortega.

Returning to France in 2009 he continued the musical production and develops his style and creativity by working samples of funk and disco. His favorite area is the « House Music », but he also composed all kinds of music for French TV shows and documentaries. He realizes that he will sign several titles alone or with Featuring DJ’s like « GEE Alex Davis – Ono Duntwist – Joeski – Philippe Ortega -Dj Phantom » on labels such as SERIAL RECORDS, NICE MUSIC, CYBER PRODUCTION, Robotronic, FUSION, MAYA RECORDS, LABORATORY, IT BLEND