Eden Martin

She started to learn music by herself when she was only a child in Pau (France), where she comes from. She initiated her artistic career by writing poems and quickly won a writing contest. Then when she was 12 she began to sing her own lyrics on instrumental music. As it was matching perfectly, she wrote and composed her first songs in English. She also wrote a play she has only recently finished. Eden Martin is definitely an accomplished artist.

In May 2009, She build her first Pop Rock band and called it "Manky MazeĀ". The band did its first gigs at some school galas. In February 2010, Muttonheads noticed Eden on stage. They immediately got along together and started to write "Trust You Again" which was a great success !

In 2013, Eden Martin & Muttonheads return to the forefront with "Snow White (Alive)". The track quickly becomes a programmer favorite and ranks Top 5 on national radio and Top 10 in the club charts.