Arno Cost

Since French DJ and Producer Arno Cost burst into the scene in 2006 he has had an incredible journey. An advocate of homegrown influences and inspiration, Cost developed his own musical identity through a combination of electronica, disco, pop and house, and he has been releasing music on labels like Interscope/Insomniac Records, Protocol Recordings, Size, Spinnin, Sosumi to name a few.

Entering 2015, Arno started developing his own brand “When In Paris”, a platform that carries his groove-ridden style, constantly pushing him to the forefront of the scene and continuing to inspire others. The concept behind this idea is to present authentic French house sounds to a global audience. Being a radio show, event concept and lifestyle movement, When In Paris will also be launching as a label beginning of 2016. The first three releases of Arno Cost on his new label are already scheduled!