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Nicolas Monier

Born at the beginning of the 90s and from his youngest age, Nicolas likes every musical style and their impacts on the world.

It is more exactly at the age of 15 that he found out about electronic music thanks to artists such as Martin Solveig, Joachim Garraud, Roger Sanchez or even Didier Sinclair and gets his first decks.
One year later, he gets noticed by "HEDONY" famous number one parties in France and Dubai and discovers the sensations of sharing music with the public.

During one year, he mixed in lots of clubs of Lyon such as Life, Claks, the Loft, the Quartz, Sound Factory, Red Room, Road 66 where he picks up his first residence.

From September, 2008 till July, 2009 he became resident atRoad 66 ( today called Boston Café) the weekend, and student to the UCPA AMS DJ school which he graduated him in April, 2010.
At the same time Nicolas starts the production of what will let him mix in several clubs of the french capital as the Queen, the CAB, Redlight, the Neo-, the Marie Suzy and the Mix Club where he will be resident from September, 2010 for Star Player parties.

During his Parisian nights he mixed by lots of famous Dj's side such as Eddie Thoneick, Klaas, Remady, Mathieu Bouthier, David Vendetta etc.

During summer, 2011, Ibiza and the famous Punta Arabi club offered him a residence in partnership with Ibiza White Experience. When he finally came back to Lyon in September, 2011 with a new constructed musical universe, he finds his first fans by accepting the residency of LifeCity club. Old and new inhabitants of Lyon discover thanks to the famous parties " Nicolas Monier invites " the New generation of French DJs during the performance of Michael Calfan, Tristan Casara or still Nico de Andrea …

At the end of January, 2012, Nicolas joins the Sound Factory team and his famous artistic programmation.

Thanks to his international fame the Sound Factory let Nicolas mixed with the biggest (Joachim Garraud, Nervo, Sean Paul, Big Ali, LMFAO, TABOO Black Eyed Pease, Claude Njoya, Nebat Drums, Michael Canitrot, Michael Calfan, Tony Romera, Duet Diamonds, Gregori Klosman, Tristan Garner, Sacha Muki, DJ Paulette, Bart Be More, Toxic Avenger, Crookers, Kavinsky, Carl Craig, DJ Pierre, South Central, Fukkk off, Make the chorus girl Dance).

About productions, the young artist is one of Bob Sinclar 's official remixers for his next tracks.


Casara & Monier