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  • GENRE: House
  • RELEASE DATE: 2015-07-10
  • LABEL: Serial Records / Capitol Music France
  • CAT #: SERC037



1. Muttonheads - Burning (Feat. Eden Martin)
2. Muttonheads - Snow White (Alive) (Feat. Eden Martin)
3. Muttonheads - The Power (Feat. Eden Martin)
4. Muttonheads - Trust You Again (Feat. Eden Martin)
5. Muttonheads - Can You Hear The Night (Feat. Eden Martin)
6. Muttonheads - Could It Be Love (Feat. Peter Kitsch)
7. Muttonheads - Meant To Be (Feat. Eden Martin)
8. Muttonheads - Going Away (Feat. Eden Martin)
9. Muttonheads - This Is My Way (Feat. Paolo Mezzini)
10. Muttonheads - Don't Wanna Stop (Feat. Eden Martin)
11. Muttonheads - Last Night (Feat. Chaff)
12. Muttonheads - Dancing With The Stars (Feat. Eden Martin)
13. Muttonheads - No Matter What (Feat. Marine Mancini)
14. Muttonheads - Stronger Than Ever (Feat. Eden Martin)
15. Muttonheads - I Want It (Feat. Marine Mancini)
16. Muttonheads - Another Way (Feat. Eden Martin)
17. Muttonheads - Love Of My Life (Feat. Eden Martin & Marine Mancini)
18. Muttonheads - Moment Of Happiness (Feat. Alex Alvarez)
19. Muttonheads - Higher (Feat. Eden Martin)


Muttonheads Muttonheads has always been fond of music. As a child, he falls in love with piano. After he discovers DJing, he turns to electronic music and starts composing his own songs, being influenced by French eletronic bands such as Daft Punk, but also by Disco and Funk, his favorite being Italian disco from the 80’s.

In 2004, Muttonheads signs with Serial Records and releases his first track, To You, which quickly meets a big success. His second track, Smashing Music, follows the same way.

In 2005, Serial Records releases I’ll Be There. The track hits the charts and remains, for most people, a Muttonheads’ masterpiece. After that, Muttonheads starts working with Mathieu Bouthier. Together, they release Need U. The next year, their cover of Make Your Own Kind of Music hits number one all over Europe !

At the same time, Muttonheads keeps on producing his own tracks : Acid, Ready, Macrocosme, and mixes on FG Radio as a resident DJ.

In 2007, he produces Remember with Mathieu Bouthier, before going into the production of his album.
The first single from his album is Moment Of Happiness. A large number of radios play the track in France with great enthusiasm... still, nothing compares to this last single Trust You Again.

Once again, Muttonheads has dropped a bomb in the French music landscape. The track was in the Top 5 most played records of the summer, reaching number 1 on the most influential stations in France: NRJ and FUN Radio. At the end of September 2011, Trust You Again is still number one on many stations, and is getting released around the world on labels like Ultra Records.

After the highly successful "Trust You Again" and "All Night Long", Muttonheads comes back with a more personal EP, a special opus to show us that he has never broken up with his first influences.

Today Muttonheads develops its activity as a producer and worked on several projects for different artists.

In 2013, Eden Martin & Muttonheads return to the forefront with "Snow White (Alive)". The track quickly becomes a programmer favorite and ranks Top 5 on national radio and Top 10 in the club charts.

After producing numerous singles playlisted by the most influent radios in France and worldwide, Muttonheads eventually releases his first and long-awaited album, "Demomaker", which gathers classic Hits as well as never-heard-before tracks!


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