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Da Hool Feat. Jay Cless

She Plays Me Like A Melody
Da Hool
  • GENRE: House
  • RELEASE DATE: 2013-04-08
  • LABEL: Serial Records / Capitol Music France
  • CAT #: SER220





Da Hool Frank Tomiczek, better known as Da Hool, was one of the leading figures of the underground techno movement in the late eighties. That decade, a new club culture was born, ready to grow into one of the biggest musical genres. An exciting time all about electronic avant-garde and the new found techno generation, as Tomiczek kicked off his music career under the DJ Hooligan moniker.

As one of the flag bearers of a continuously growing but young techno scene, he committed himself to music completely. As youth rebelled with raves like Mayday, where 20.000 techno lovers celebrated till early morning, DJ Hooligan became one of their ‘underground heroes’. In the years following, no global club or rave was safe to his beats. Next to legendary originals like ‘La Rocca’, ‘Central Love’, ‘Hool’s Experience’ and ‘An Active Trip’, the Hool sound spread through remixes for the likes of Sven Väth, Westbam and Paul van Dyk. In 1994, he signed his first record deal at East-West Records, followed by the 16th position in the German charts for his first single ‘Rave Nation’, selling more than 200.000 copies. But the biggest Da Hool hit was yet to come.

In 1996, Frank started his very own business, Hool Productions. The first track to emerge from this new DJ Hooligan chapter, was the legendary ‘Meet Her At The Loveparade’. A manifesto and anthem of an upcoming mainstream youth culture, directly linking to the famous German Loveparade. From that year on, Frank Tomiczek would continue under the name of Da Hool. A DJ that enjoys global recognition, travelling all continents to bring his sounds to the crowds, whether in an intimate, small club setting or in front of ten-thousands of music lovers.

One of the biggest remix hits to date is Da Hool’s 2003 mix of Armand van Helden’s house hit ‘The Funk Phenomena’, which reached number 1 in the German Dance Charts and was the most popular track in the UK that year. Many more would follow, under projects like Freakstylaz, Soccor Boy and Da Experience.

‘Summer’, ‘Never Turn Around’, ‘This Is Tricky’, ‘No Love Anymore’ and ‘She Plays Me Like A Melody’ are some of his latest productions, released on some of the world’s best record labels. In 2012, the world of dance will be treated to a brand new Da Hool album. With a new and perfected sound, balancing the past and future, Da Hool shows to be able to read the exact signs of time.

With his open mindedness and awareness of time’s changing, it’s obvious that Da Hool belongs to the absolute DJ and producer elite. And he’s planning to stay there.


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