Deep In Your House Vol.6
Various Artists


  1. Demon Ritchie - Warm Memories
  2. Demon Ritchie - Only In New York
  3. Kut N Paste - Dog Island
  4. Eglantine - Time To... Love
  5. Sanki Panki - Wake Up And Groove
  6. DJ Bertrand - Extra Nite
  7. D'Julz - Reversal Luv (Purple Mix)
  8. Demon Ritchie - La Plage
  9. Herald ft. Gee - Crazy
  10. Herald ft. Gee - Midnight Sun
  11. Kut N Paste - Holidayz
  12. DJ F.E.X - Indie Walk
  13. DJ Bertrand - Fucking Filter (Ivan's Cube Cleaning Dub)
  14. Demon Ritchie - To Find A Friend
  15. Kid Legacy - The Other Bae (Demon Ritchie's The Other Side Remix)
  16. Demon Ritchie - Deep In Your House Vol.6 (Continuous Mix)


As a founding member, pianist and saxophonist of 2000's Deep House trio Soldiers of Twilight, Demon Ritchie has been a major artist of the French House landscape. His single "Only In New York" has been streamed and downloaded millions of times and Martin Solveig's remix of Soldiers of Twilight's international Hit "Believe" has been one of the most featured Deep House tracks in the world.

In Deep In Your House Vol.6, Demon Ritchies pays tribute to Serial Records' Deep House back catalogue and presents his selection of favorite tracks. He features his exclusive new track "Warm Memories", as well as classic Deep House Hits such as "Only In New York and "La Plage", "Indie Walk" by DJ F.E.X, "Ivan's Cube Cleaning Dub" by DJ Bertrand and Ivan Smagghe and "Reversal Luv" by D'Julz, to name just a few.

The compilation also includes Demon Ritchie's latest remix for 96 Musique's artist Kid Legacy, The Other Bae. And if you download the whole bundle, you get Demon Ritchie's exclusive mix as a bonus track!


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