Deep In Your House Vol.5
Various Artists


  1. Jean-Marie K & Oliver Fox - U Can't Stop Me
  2. Soldiers Of Twilight - Drive On (Demon Ritchie's Mix)
  3. Sanki Panki - Waiting 4 U
  4. Didier Sinclair - Sinsation
  5. D'Julz - Live In Space
  6. DJ F.E.X - I Feel U (Dub Mix)
  7. Tom Pooks - Sultan (David Duriez Plastic Music Remix)
  8. Sanki Panki - Wake Up and Groove
  9. D'Julz - Global Village (Dub Version)
  10. Tom Pooks - The Way
  11. Yann Fontaine - Bongo
  12. Floyd & Venturi - Deepness Love
  13. DJ Rork Feat. C. Minos Alexander - I Wanna See You Come Down (Long Live 80's Mix)
  14. Demon Ritchie - 70 More


Deep In Your House compilation has become a must have in the underground landscape of House and Deep House Music.

This 5th edition features classic hits by Soldiers Of Twilight, Didier Sinclair, D'Julz, DJ F.E.X, etc... as well as remixes by Demon Ritchie or David Duriez. All tracks were selected by KnR, courtesy of 96 Musique. The full mix by KnR is exclusively available on iTunes.

Producer of "Open Your Legs", "Kiss My Bass" and "What About You", KnR is a major artist of the House and Deep House underground landscape.


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