Deep In Your House Vol.2
Various Artists


  1. Demon Ritchie - Only In New York
  2. Eglantine – Feel Mr Dee
  3. Didier Sinclair & Chris Pi – Smoky Night
  4. Floyd & Venturi – From A To Zen
  5. Didier Sinclair – Galactix (D’Julz Dub)
  6. Didier Sinclair & Chris Pi – Funky Taste
  7. DJ F.E.X – Oh Babe
  8. Cameleon – Fall Down
  9. Soldiers Of Twilight - Drive On (David Duriez Plastic Music Dub)
  10. Soldiers Of Twilight - Take U There
  11. Alex Palmer – Feeling Me
  12. Didier Sinclair - Take A Trip
  13. Herald Ft . Gee – You Know (Extended Mix)
  14. Herald Ft. Gee – Crazy
  15. Soldiers Of Twilight – Believe (Martin Solveig Vocal Dub)
  16. Tristan Casara - Leaving Paris


In February 2013, Serial Records released DEEP IN YOUR HOUSE, a compilation of the label’s best Deep House tracks selected by UN*DEUX. Given the enthusiasm generated by the first edition, we are proud to present DEEP IN YOUR HOUSE Vol.2.

This second edition features classic tracks such as BELIEVE (Soldiers Of Twilight) remixed by Martin Solveig, DRIVE ON remixed by David Duriez and ONLY IN NEW YORK by Demon Ritchie. We can also find beautiful underground tracks like YOU KNOW by Herald Feat. Gee, SMOKY NIGHT by Didier Sinclair and FALL DOWN by Cameleon. As well as Tristan Casara’s new single, LEAVING PARIS.

The compilation features a full mix of the 16 tracks by UN*DEUX (


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