DJ Phantom

  • ARTIST DJ Phantom
  • GENRE Bass Music
  • RELEASE DATE 2013-11-04
  • LABEL Bass Music


  1. Crazy


DJ Phantom is in the Hip Hop world since 1989. He has sold over a million records so far, and has either opened concerts for -or collaborated with- many big artists such as: AFRICA BAMBAATA AND DEE NASTY, MC SOLAAR, ASSASSIN, NTM, TAIRO, DJ CASH MONEY, DJ F.E.X, LE PEUPLE DE L’HERBE, AFURA, ASTRAL WORX, NATACHA ATLAS, FFF, IRON LION, WU TANG LATINO, FLORENCE FORESTI and many others.

In 2001, he signs to Serial Records and releases his first EP «Oh Babe» . Two weeks later, the EP reaches the 3rd spot in the UK Sales Charts ! In 2002, DJ PHANTOM produces with DJ F.E.X the famous Deep House Track «Indie Walk», which becomes the official song of the Techno Parade ! Later that year, he releases the album «Connexion» which is signed in USA, Japan, Spain, Argentina and Germany.

In 2006, he works with the famous French rapper Rockin Squat and releases the album «Humility» on Serial Records. Summer 2012, DJ PHANTOM comes back with a different style and releases his first French Dubstep compilation «Dubstep Into A World» on Serial Records.

The compilation has such a success that DJ PHANTOM feels ready to reveal his own Dubstep compositions, with friends like BASSTRICK and release his first Dubstep album "In The Arena".

He comes back now with a new single a little bit more... Electro. Listen to "Crazy" right now!


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