Ce Soir (Esta Noche)

Ce Soir (Esta Noche)
  • ARTIST Amélie
  • GENRE Dance
  • RELEASE DATE 2013-05-06
  • LABEL Serial Records


Amélie Between the time when the music industry is literally bombarded with all sorts of new musical projects, each carried by different production studios, a young talented girl named Amélie decided it is time to start her music carrer.She has only 18 years, but the appetite for life,the desire to sing and reach the pinnacle of success led to make this first step. Has been discovered by Jhaps team on a national music contest, where she won first prize. The first song "I'll take you" enjoyed a lot of succes through the listeners also was licensed by many known record labels as Universal Music Poland & Bulgaria and many others. The song was produced in “Jhaps” studio,by the already known producer “Da Fleiva” was one of the summer hits.

Another song of her with a huge succes is “Esta Noche ( Mas y Mas)” that many radios around the world play it already, also the artist working now at a french / english version becouse of the good impact to the francophone countries as France.


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