• ARTIST Soré
  • GENRE Dance
  • RELEASE DATE 2012-10-15
  • LABEL Serial Records / Universal


Soré Born on November 3, 1989 in Bucharest, Sore begins performing as a child at age of 5, when she competes for the first time in her life on the stage of a music festival. At 10, she imitates Natalia Oreiro at “Ploaia stelutelor” (The rain of the stars), a music show for children broadcasted on the Romanian National Television, where she ends up by occupying the third position.

At 11, Sore is already a member of a girl band named Dolly. The break-up of the band come about two years later and the only girl who manages to regain popularity is Sore by participating at a TV show by Marius Moga & Catalin Maruta, named “Faimosii” (The famous ones), at the age of 17. Her presence at this show does not pass unnoticed and she is contacted by Play and Win (composers of many of Inna’s songs, such as “Hot”), together they found the pop-rock band Crazy Win, who has great success in 2009 with their single “Beautiful Lover”. Her voice continues to recommend her and Sore is chosen by Cici (member of band Sistem) for a national project of music covers performed live.

The year 2011 brings new challenges for Sore. The singer receives a starring role in the first musical series film in Romania entitled “Pariu cu viata” (Bet with life). At the same time Sore enters the biggest Romanian musical group – Lala Band, together with 18 talented young singers. Lala Band, considered the equivalent of the famous RBD group, has a huge popularity among the Romanian teenagers and can be seen in every episode of “Pariu cu viata”.

Over time, Sore improved her music capabilities by taking piano and canto lessons and also prepared herself for being a Film director by following the courses of the Faculty of Directing for Film and Television. She signed two agreements with MediaPro Music Entertainment as a solo singer and as a member of Lala Band, respectively.

Sore’s first single “Love is music” is a pop song with electro-funk influences and it fits perfectly the fresh and energetic style of the artist.

“Different”, the second single of Sore’s career, is a pop with dance hall influences song which “makes the difference” in the current Romanian musical landscape and which has been licensed to a large number of international partners from different countries.


Knight Kids
Can We Live Together
Jack Holiday & Sash!
Encore Une Fois
Hailing Jordan
Dubl Dutch
Do You Speak English?
Lumidee Feat. Pitbull Vs Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest
Ce Soir (Esta Noche)
Dead Man Walking
Dr. Bellido Feat. Papa Joe