Sexy Eyes
Mihai Ristea

Sexy Eyes
  • ARTIST Mihai Ristea
  • GENRE Dance
  • RELEASE DATE 2012-04-23
  • LABEL Serial Records


Mihai Ristea Mihai Ristea was born on the 18th of January 1989, in Bucharest, Romania. He discovered his passion for the music at the age of three when he was listening to Michael Jackson’s music and started to learn how to dance like his idol. Later, his parents enrolled him in soccer, but Mihai’s passion for music and dance hasn’t gone away, so at school he formed a break-dancing band.

At the end of the eighth grade he stepped into a professional studio for the first time and was fascinated by what he saw and decided to create his own home studio. In 2008 together with his best friend Mika Moupondo formed the band “Montuga”. Their first single entitled Sofia was a success. In 2009 the band “Montuga” won the “Best New Act” at Romanian Top Hits and the “Sofia” video was nominated for “Best Video” at MTV Romanian Music Awards.

After the release of other two singles: "Why, Why, Why" and "All Night", the band Montuga fell apart and each member started focusing on solo projects. Mihai focused his career on production for other artists.

Mihai has produced many songs, among the most popular are the hits: “Telephone” and “Something New” – Andra, “My Love On You” – Anda Adam, “All My People” – Sasha Lopez. He has worked with many other artists as Antonia, Neylini, Miss Ventura, Claudette, becoming one of the most appreciated music producers in Romania.

In 2011 officially joined the HaHaHa Production team and released in partnership with Red Clover Media his first solo single, entitled “Sexy Eyes”.

“I’ve been thinking about this project for a long time. “Sexy Eyes” really represents me. The song makes you think about crazy love stories that help you rediscover yourself and the video does a very good job at pointing this out. I had a very nice time at the shooting and you’ll see that I’m a very lucky man”.

The video for “Sexy Eyes” is nonconformist and presents a story based on apparently innocent but very sensual games. The protagonists’ retro look and the track’s sound make you think about the spontaneity of the moments when you want to elope and just live the moment. The tanned skin, the clothes that quickly fly away, the empty road and the solar nuances of the video, all inspire freedom and youth.


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