Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things)
Tim Berg

Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things)
  • ARTIST Tim Berg
  • GENRE House
  • RELEASE DATE 2012-02-20
  • LABEL Serial Records / Universal


Tim Berg Tim Berg is the alias of amazing young talent Avicii, making room to allow for his darker productions to grow. With the long anticipated release of Summer 2009 Alcoholic on Joia Records already topped world leading DJ charts for months before official drop.

The track has been played all over Ibiza during the summer by the chosen few who have been entrusted with a promo copy.

Among his fellow musicians, Tim Berg is heavily supported by Tiësto, Eric Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Tort, Tom Novy, Mark Brown among many, many others.

Among his most recent productions, Tim aims toward musical flawlessness, experimenting passionately with sounds while forcing the unexpected into rhythm in a way that not a pair of feet can stay still.

With a somewhat anonymous approach, Tim Berg fills up a club space of surprises – with heavy bombs suddenly dropping in the room and leaving the crowd disoriented.

Tim Berg makes you dance to music you’ve never danced to before. Tim Berg races your heart and mind. Tim Berg pulls away the safety net from under your feet. Tim Berg is the DJ scattering musical cocaine over the floor.

Tim Berg is your new drug. And he’s here to stay.


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