The Greatest Show On Earth
Franck Dona Feat. Devo D

The Greatest Show On Earth
  • ARTIST Franck Dona
  • GENRE House
  • RELEASE DATE 2012-01-16
  • LABEL Serial Records / Universal


Franck Dona Franck Dona was born in a family where his father played music, so he learnt very soon the basis to start his own DJ career.

His playground was Paris, France: firstly, he was the only long term resident at the huge club «L’ENFER», famously known for Franck’s after parties. Secondly, he played in most of the main super clubs in Paris like ‘Le Queen’, ‘VIP Room’, ‘Mix Club’, ‘Redlight’, ‘287’ and the ‘Ritz’. He extended his experience all over France, touring for the famous magazine Maximal, then worldwide in places like China, Prague, Morocco, Tunisia, Sweden, Germany and more. During his sets, he played alongside renown DJs such as Carl Cox, David Guetta, Ron Caroll, etc.

At the same time as his DJ career started, Franck also started producing music. His first productions were for other people like Dan Marciano, Rype and Flob, Anatome, Magic Finger, and for Golden Crew who’s last single ‘You’re My Lovin’ got great airplay on radio & music channels. He also produced tracks for himself, and had at least one of his records out on every possible dance label in France.

Up to 2008, he had produced 20 tracks, all of which were released and a good number of them reached respectable positions in the club charts. He started to gain respect from the tight DJ community, and was asked to remix tracks from David Guetta, Maurice Joshua, Ron Caroll, Get Far & more.

Unsatisfied, even with his rising success, Franck Dona chose add a stepping stone to his career in 2009: he joins the famous Bill Evans Piano School in Paris, and after 8 months of perfecting his musical techniques, decides to move to America to produce more new music. During a full year, between Miami and New York, and with the participation of countless talented singers, Franck produces 20 fantastic dancefloor gems.

‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is the name of Franck Dona’s soon to be released album, and the first single to be launched. The video is shot by wourld renoun and respected French photographer/director Arno Bani. Arno was the last photographer to take official pictures of Michael Jackson, and his shots during Michael’s rehearsals of ‘This Is It’ lead to a magnificent book; Arno Bani also directed, amongst others, Martin Solveig’s ‘Rocking Music’ video.

Franck Dona’s star is shining bright, very bright. Now is his time, and he’s ready.


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